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Fotografierna säljs och levereras som par d.v.s. 2 st pappersark. Varje pappersark är ca 46x58 cm stort (inkl vit passepartout-ram). Själva bilden på pappersarket är 30x42 cm.

Fotografierna levereras utan inramning. 

Begränsad upplaga om 200 exemplar.


Sales Tax Included
  • The photos are printed on exclusive Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper. They are sold and delivered as pairs, ie. 2 sheets of paper. Each sheet is 46x58 cm wide (including white passepartout frame). The image on the sheet is 30x42 cm. The pictures are therefore suitable for framing in standard frames such as 40x50 cm.

    The photos are delivered without frame. A tip is to contact your local frame maker to get a professional framing with accurate materials that lasts longer.

    Each photograph is signed and numbered on the bottom front by Richard von Hofsten.

    Limited edition of 200 copies.

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