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Studied photography at Berghs School of Communication. Had his debut exhibition "The Imaginarium of Carl Linnaeus" representing Sweden abroad twice, making it one of the biggest debut exhibitions for a swedish photographer and artist.

Richard von Hofsten completed his photographic education 2009 at the Bergh’s School of Communication in Stockholm.  Since graduation he has conducted the majority of self-initiated projects with a strong focus on storytelling. His theatrical talent takes its strongest expression in his art photo project “The Imaginarium of Carl Linnaeus’ and photo complimenting the fairy tale artist John Bauer.


With his debut exhibition "The Imaginarium of Carl Linnaeus" Richard has proved that everything is possible, as long as you know what you want to achieve with the creative - stick to your vision. Despite setbacks including a stolen camera and defections from employees due to small budget and that the project was originally considered too ambitious and time consuming, von Hofsten took his project further and completed the whole period of the two years work.


After the premiere of the show in Uppsala in 2013 then the work was selected to participate in the representation of Sweden at the World Expo “Horticulture Exposition 2014” in a million city of Qingdao, China. Later that year, it showed again under “Business of Design Week” in Hong Kong. Thanks to the wide exposure the work received acclaim, ‘The Imaginarium of Carl Linnaeus’ was counted amongst one of the largest debut exhibitions ever for a single Swedish photographer and artist.

With the new exhibition "Aurora Borealis", a creative collaboration with textile artist Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten, von Hofsten required to create iconic emblems of the season’s shifts as he perceived them, portrayed as significant for the respective seasons by scenery, costumes and lighting.

He styled the scenes himself prior to shooting them. Hair creator Peter Hägelstam from Bjorn Axen created advance hairstyling and freelance make up artist Agnes Arnell, make up.  


The extensive work included a winter trip to Abisko to photograph the northern lights and mist-shrouded apple orchards in the sunset. The expressions in the pictures zero in on Charlotte’s textiles and story around them. Together they form a unique depiction of natural variations with human interaction.


Everything starts with the intention of communicating something, a story, and with that comes a vision. As a creator Im used to tell stories in a visual way, contributing with different visual  tools - sometimes all together at the same time.

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