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The  Imaginarium  of  Carl  Linnaeus

Exhibition produced in cooperation with Destination Uppsala
Creative Director, set design, styling
and photo: Richard von Hofsten
Poems by Richard von Hofsten,
english translation by David McLeod


" With tender hand and inquisitive gaze

I choose to be curious with methodical ways

The trees and the flowers, their colours and shapes

Beguiling my mind and providing escape


To manage my home with care and concern

And fairly assure nature’s teachings are learned

So full and profound are the riches of earth

Laid before us, a treasure of limitless worth

In life I’m a wanderer but my vision is locked

On a goal down a road all too easily blocked

My ambition, it burns with an untold flame

Is it wrong to want history to remember my name?


After effort unending, I readily sleep

Sweet solace from dreaming I eagerly reap

For rest is unthinkable when toil is my choice

I hear flowers and verdure, I follow their voice... "

dream away...

A young Linnaeus falling asleep in his work studio.

Location: The Linnaeus Museum in Uppsala, Sweden, with authentic props from 18th century.

Styling and set design: Bente Rolandsdotter

Richard has made an interesting 

interpretation of Linnaeus scientific legacy. The combination of the intense fashionportraits and the botany is very exciting. He has really managed to capture the “inner being” of the flowers and gives us a completely new view on Linnaeus.


Sofie Blomgren 

Project Manager 

Destination Uppsala

First impression is that it is an ambitious piece of work...the portraits are fabulous, dreamy, romantic and dramatic.


Martin Alm 

Lidingö Tidning

Magical pictures with a strong sense of storytelling in splendid historical 



Heléne Almqvist 

Gods&Gårdar magazine

After witnessing Richards exhibition many visitors response was; wow, flowers actually have a life of their own. His pictures come alive through his strong sense of storytelling and interesting combination with poetry.


Sandy Li Schenzi 

YES International Group.

Project Manager for the Swedish Pavilion at the International Horticultural Exposition 2014.

 Carl Linnaeus  (1707-1778) was one of the worlds first ecologists and founder of the taxanomy system. He is considered to be one of the most influential swedes in world history. Richard von Hofsten´s portraiture of the dream world of a young Linnaeus is his debut exhibition and was first displayed in the streets of Uppsala, Sweden, in 2013. The year after it was chosen to represent Sweden at the world expo Horticultural Exposition 2014 in Qingdao, China, and during Business of Design Week in Hongkong the same year.

Richard von Hofsten´s ambition with the exhibition is to communicate the beauty of nature and inspire visitors to see the life and meaning behind even the most mundane things in the world, such as a little flower.

The exhibition in Sweden:



Richard giving a guided tour on

opening day 23rd of may, 2013.

The exhibition abroad:


in Qingdao, China

International Horticultural Exposition 2014

took place in Qingdao, China.

36 countries participated.

"From the earth,
for the earth"
Location: Qingdao, China
Estimated number of visitors:
12 million.

The three square kilometers wide theme park was created to inspire visitors to think about the human impact on the world and the footprints we leave in our surroundings regarding environmental pollution and climate change.

The swedish pavilion had
"The swedish garden" as its theme, replicating the garden of Carl Linnaeus in Uppsala.
The legacy of the swedish
scientist worked as a platform from which discussions about a sustainable future where engaged in.

The exhibition in media

A story on Richard and his exhibition was broadcast on "Sverige!", the biggest tv show
for culture and art in Sweden,
due to its participation in exhibitions abroad.
(no subtitles)
The "International Horticultural Exposition 2014"
in CCTV news
Go behind the scenes of
the extensive 1,5 years of work
(english subtitles)
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